Openoffice vlookup example

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In these examples, cells A1 to A5 contain 3, 5, cat, mat, matter, and cells B1 to B5 contain A, B,. Example: C2 contains formula =VLOOKUP(B2;$F$2:$H$14;3;0). This means: look for B+ in column F and r. May 30, 2014 . The vlookup or Vertical Look Up Function in Openoffice calc can be used to search. Jun 24, 2010 . Using Vlookup() (or Hlookup()) in Calc spreadsheets,. You use =V. May 14, 2015 . Step-by-step guide on how to use the VLOOKUP function in OpenOffice spreadsheets i. Use VLOOKUP to search the first column (columns are vertical) of a block of data and return the val. The data in the result_vector are the page numbers in our book example.. . The VLOOKUP and HLOOKU. Sep 28, 2010 . vlookup tutorial linux ubuntu openoffice spreadsheet. Goes into great detail, very.


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