Marilyn Monroe wore a white dress in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch, directed by Billy Wilder. The dress was created by costume designer William Travilla . Jul 30, 2015 . Marilyn Monroe's figure has been discussed almost as much since her clothing sizes, we have to keep in mind that dresses and pants were . Below are several examples of Marilyn's clothing worn at varying times in her life, displayed on a size 6-8 dress form, with measurements of 33.5″ (bust), 24.5″ . Aug 14, 2015 . Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12 - but by today's standards, the a dress made to fit her waist would have been between a size eight and a size . Marilyn Monroe's size was measured by one of her dress makers and released as 5'5” tall, 35” bust, 22” waist, and 35” hips. Her bra size was 36D. During . Apr 17, 2012 . So what size was Marilyn Monroe actually? Luckily, many of her dresses, carefully preserved, are still around to measure off of. Further, one of . Origins: The fascination with this “fact” about Marilyn Monroe's dress size is not its literal truthfulness per se, but the implication it carries: that our standards of . Jun 22, 2009 . And what we're really talking about is not Marilyn Monroe's dress size: it's her sexiness. Marilyn Monroe was an icon, not of fashion, but of . Aug 8, 2015 . While there are numerous reasons to admire Marilyn Monroe, in recent. This is Marilyn's actual dress form from Fox Studios, used to tailor her . Marilyn's weight fluctuated, but her normal weight was 118 pounds (53.5 kilograms). Her weight went. Dress size: 12 / Pant Size: 8 / Bra Size: 36D Shoe Size: .
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