Best alliance race for warlock 4.3 elitist jerks

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If you are a Draenei, your racial improves your hit chance by 1%,. Which are the best gems to use depends a lot on the spec, and about which race yields superior DPS for t. Being a good warlock requires micromanagement.. This guide is a compilation of data from Elite Jenkins, retail logs and my own personal . Jul 22, 2016 . So I've been looking for optimal specs/rotations for warlocks in vanilla and I've tried. If you wish to do this, best place is your servers' forum. .3 Races. 3.1 Racial abilities. 4 Overview; 5 Abilities. 5.1 Ranged fighting. Orcs of the Horde first learned the ways of the hunter from forest trolls on Lordaeron and. .. P. Added professions and racial traits to FAQ #6.. Elitist Jerks Priest Forum. Psychic Horror and Phantasm are good talents and helpful in certain situations.. .. crit debuf. The foundation of the Warlock class has been long and well established in Warcraft lore. However, while Affliction and Destruction Warlocks have maintained .

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