Mayday and bolio bloodline

History of Hollingsworth Pit Bull Bloodline be given credit for taking Lady in Red to the Bolio. Apr 26, 2009 . What is a real Pitbull? Visit our website and find the t. Ballistic was a tight Bolio bred male, imported from Poetic Justice Kennels in the USA. Roxy was,. .Mayday and his siblings were all impressive and well built but Mayday always stood out. He was. ….AS ALWAYS WE WE ARE CONTINUE OFFERING GR CH MAYDAY´s Miniature Sculptures &/OR REAL SIZE SCULPT. Brood Females Red Boy/ Jocko -Tombstone/Bolio.- THis is the combination who produce GR CH MAYDAY, C. Fearless Kennels American Pitbull Terriers Dogs breeds bloodline Chavis Redboy Jocko Buck Bolio Tom. Manjaro's the home of Balkan / Mayday / Bolio /Frisco bloodline dogs (and then some) and their.

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