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May 2, 2014 . This art is not mine! The artists are: Viria, burdge, BurstingLight and others. The music is "I love you" by Avril Lavigne The story and characters . Throughout both series, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have shown many. Annabeth and Percy both feel awkward at stepping into the Tunnel of Love.Kissing Annabeth was the best feeling in the world. I love holding her, so I continued to do so while rising to the surface. Our heads broke the water barrier, and . Annabeth Chase is a fictional character in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the she becomes close friends with Percy Jackson, later becoming his main love . Sep 8, 2012 . It was one of the best dreams I ever had, I was sitting on the beach with my arm around a blond girl, it was Annabeth. She was smiling at me . Aug 27, 2009 . I heard a muffled beep as i let open my eyes. I lazily rolled over in bed and looked at the hazy little numbers on my alarm clock. 9:00 is what i . Annabeth Loves Percy is a fanfiction author that has written 12 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.Oct 19, 2013 . Though she would never ever admit it, 99.9% of her dreams were about Percy Jackson, her boyfriend, and one love. And even more private, . Jun 4, 2012 . "You must really love me," Annabeth giggled at Percy when he somehow made an attempt to impress her by praising what seemed to be . Nov 25, 2013 . Mix - Annabeth & Percy - True LoveYouTube · Percabeth - Sparks Fly - Duration: 4:18. Ashleigh Theresa 225,432 views · 4:18. Percy and .


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