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Sep 13, 2010 . These parents only had my sample letter to help them with ideas, but I hope you will be in a better position after reading more letters and . Kairos retreat letters are letters of encouragement written by family, friends or anyone who has a. Who offers free sample letters for Catholic retreats online?Each letter should be handwritten. No photocopies. Use colorful or decorative stationary. No enclosures such as prayer cards, no stickers or seals, nothing glued . Jan 12, 2013 . Charlie is the son a dear friend, and was doing a senior year Kairos Retreat. His mother asked me to write him a letter, to be read during the . As you stand on the threshold of adulthood, you are beginning on a wonderful journey of discovery. This will be a journey full of laughter and tears; joy and pain;  . Jan 31, 2011 . When we include letters from parents as part of a retreat or other. Give the parents some sample letters, both good and bad, so they will know  until I attended two retreats in high school, one through my church youth group. All the pieces of writing that I received on Kairos, along with the Excel letters,.May 30, 2012 . The school took the boys away on a 3 days retreat to reflect. As part of that retreat parents were asked to write a letter to their sons which was to . Writing "Agape" Letters. Agápē (Gk. a-gah'-pay) In the New Testament, agape is often used to describe God's unconditional love toward us and the . I read Jonathan's letter below and found it an inspiring reminder of what is truly important. I wrote a letter to my nephews for them to read when they were older.

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