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Check your writing: typing - contractions. Worksheets and. Discussion. Have you ever sent a postcard or e-card when on holiday? Comments. Elsa007's . Check your writing: gap fill typing travelled to? Did you send a postcard when you were there?. . I have never send a postcard on holidays to be honest up.One of the last things you hear from your friends or neighbours as you go away on holiday is "Send us a postcard!" It's one of those great holiday traditions, . Writing Exercises www.literacytools.ie. Postcards. When you are away on holiday it can be nice to write some postcards: ○ To let people see what the place you . One great way is to write a Happy Holiday card to your friends and family.. You definitely need something to write on and the variety of postcard choices is . Learn phrases and themes used in holiday postcards, basic things they could write about them: Greetings from weather (sunny, cold, hot, rainy, wet, windy etc.) . Message ideas to help you write a funny, holiday postcard to friends and family.Sep 29, 2015 . We write postcards to friends and family To whom To whom?. Hi (name of friend / neighbor / colleague) Click to Holiday Keywords Holiday . postcard say? How can reading and writing postcards, even imaginary ones, help. . Chicago River green on St. Patrick's Day to commemorate the holiday. —.Writing Holiday Postcards. Parts 1 & 2 - Writing strategies (including exam strategies) to write a holiday postcard. In this episode, apart from consolidating your .

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