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If your mailpiece does not meet the dimensions above, then the Postal Service. The rules about attachments to postcards are restrictive, so check with your . Physical Standards for Commercial Letters and Postcards. Overview. Image shows minimum and maximum size for postcards. Minimum. Maximum. Length.They are suprised to hear that there is no single one “Official Standard Postcard Size,” or at least as far as the. US Post Office is . May 14, 2014 . Postcard size is 3.5 x 5 to 4.25 x 6, anything larger is considered to be in getting the post office to change rules in our favor does not happen!This updated postal guide follows current USPS regulations for all our mailing sizes and formats. When you print with us, we'll check to ensure USPS guidelines  . USPS Regulations. If you are designing a postcard or an envelope to be mailed through the United States Post Office then there are a few regulations you will . Templates for brochures, postcards, newsletters, catalogs and more to insure that your mailings comply with USPS regulations.. Affordable for any size business. EDDM route picker. We Make EDDM<sup>®</sup> Easy! Find out more, or. Get Pricing.Our downloadable templates for postcards include postal clearzones to help you.. According to the USPS requirements, the smallest mailable size is 3 1/2" x 5" . All measurements are in inches. These are standard postcard sizes. Check with United States Post Office before mailing. Designers Toolbox is not responsible . Aug 5, 2013 . Making sure your mailpiece meets USPS guidelines before you print can. Postcards can have a variety of sizes, but any size over 6 x 4.25 .

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