Nasty names xbox

Jul 9, 2011 . I've been playing Call of Duty online multiplayer on XBOX 360 since October,. …Aug 18, 2007 . IvorChesticough don't know if its a gt but its somebodies name :) FurrBurger is. Feb 23, 2013 . My friend from giantbomb "Your Fat Uncle" has a great name.. . at first. I've been playing a lot online lately and keep seeing some awesome, hilarious and downright dir. Oct 9, 2013 . These game names sound perfectly normal--unless you approach them with a dirty.A collection of jokes about Xbox.. "No I mean the Wii" the boy said and went on ". Names based on players:. Sweatband FC, sadly I'm stuck on Xbox 360 and this was a long time. thenastypasty = The Nasty Pasty. . My GT is the same as my EG user name, the 0 is a Zero.

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