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Robert Martin Gumbura is the pastor of RMG End Time Message, a Zimbabwean church and a convicted rapist. He was convicted of four counts of rape and one on possession of pornographic material. He wa. Jul 29, 2016 . Botha and Kudzanai continued with their affair and their WhatsApp conversations leaked and are now circulating via smartphones in Tafara.Apr 13, 2016 . Makore saved Lovemore's number as Mai Kupa and would meet him for se_x in lodges,according to WhatsApp conversations. Baba Tinevimbo . Leaked Whatsapp chats end 6 year marriage. Published on 19 May 2016: Written by Online Writer. A MARRIED madzimai from Masowe eChishanu last week . Dec 8, 2016. 13 · Facebook, Whatsapp users face glitches in Zimbabwe as civil servants strike. 20 cops detained over Whatsapp chat. Jan 11, 2016.Apr 9, 2013 . A craving for okra and subsequent war over its preparation has unearthed an affair between a Chitungwiza married woman and a suspected . Jul 17, 2016 . A LEAKED romantic WhatsApp conversation has exposed a city man's illicit. “ The two are based in Zimbabwe and I am based here in Durban, . Aug 29, 2016 . . The Zim Government Can Access Your “encrypted” WhatsApp Chats. revenge porn works in Zim and how many videos have been leaked . Sep 19, 2016 . When your private Whatsapp conversations get leaked online, its pure horror since the internet never forgets. Here are 8 of some of craziest . Sep 27, 2015 . A LOVE cheat who plotted to win over rich men by mixing sperm and poo has been humiliated after her WhatsApp chats leaked online, .


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