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There are few ways you can hack facebook if you are a very good programmer this should not be hard for you. But in the case you do not know how to write a . Dec 9, 2011 . When someone takes over your Facebook account, do they take over your soul? No of course they don't because souls aren't real.Jul 23, 2016 . Here is the list some funny facebook status updates. These are the. People who write diet books live off the fat of the land. Dance like. Trying to think of clever things to say after inhaling from a helium balloon. The TEEN next . Jan 26, 2013 . Facebook lets you delete comments after you've posted them. So, make an. Hack Your Victim's Mobile Access. This is another one that . Aug 29, 2012 . Oddities, Weird stuff & Strange things of our world. Hot:. 10 Funniest Examples of What Happens When You Forget to Log Out. And that's why you should never ever give your Facebook password to your. Elaborate hack.Bath salts? In MY Angry Whopper? Say it ain't so! No word yet as to who is behind the hacking, but I think it's safe to say that the folks at the BK PR department . If you are interested in writing your own funny facebook status messages, you can to buy iBreathe to get fresh air; Money is not the most important thing in the world.. Life hack: If whenever someone asks your opinion on something you say, . Funny Hacking Someones Facebook quotes - 1. There are two types of human beings found on Facebook. One who gets enormous amount of likes and . Jan 28, 2011 . If your Facebook account is posting weird things on all your friend's walls about some new diet or some "funny" video that they have to watch, . Apr 9, 2014 . The first thing to do when you realize your account has been hacked, report your Facebook account is hacked. You will be presented with a .

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